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The Asunim Group is formed by several renewable energy companies in different countries and markets. Asunim specializes in the field of photovoltaic (PV) solar energy. Asunim’s founder has been active in solar energy for more than 12 years.

Initiated formally in 2005, today Asunim companies develop the following activities:

- Engineering and Procurement (EPC)
- Project development and Consultancy
- Wholesale of solar modules, inverters and other system components worldwide

Asunim designs tailor-made solutions for on- and off-grid solar power systems of all sizes and provides its clients with a safe bet for their future energy requirements. Asunim covers the supply chain with high-quality components cautiously selected using knowledge gained from many years of experience, and helps customers with professional logistics services, specialized training sessions, and technical support provided by our multilingual team.

Our associated equipment manufacturers, who have worked with us since day one, have a current total volume of 150MWp supplied or installed via Asunim and are the best in their field regarding quality workmanship, superior design, competitive pricing, on-time delivery, after-sales support, and continuous product innovation.

Meet us at:

Solarex Istanbul 2014
Thu Apr 10, 2014 - Sat Apr 12, 2014

The Solar Show Africa 2014
Tue Mar 11, 2014 - Wed Mar 12, 2014

News in a Flash

The world needs cheap energy

It’s understandable that oil companies want to sell more fossil fuels; one can’t blame them because that’s their job.
Read the RenewableEnergyWorld.com article >here<

Oil price volatility

The fact that oil price is so unpredictable and volatile is one of the main reasons why we must move to renewable energy, which has a completely predictable cost of zero for fuel.
Read here the PV magazine article

Turkey at energy crossroads

According to Bloomberg, political decisions now define the clean or dirty future.
At similar costs!

>Read the article here<

The IEA has just published its annual report

< Download publication

According to their findings, political decision makers are handing out $ 550 billion fossil fuel subsidies per year. These subsidies are stalling decentralized clean energy progress and are four time those received by renewables. Meanwhile, worldwide communities are struggling under the strain of rising energy demand, climate change and the daily inefficiencies in this outdated system.
Another interesting and worrying aspect highlighted in the report is how the demolition of nearly 200 nuclear plants that will reach the end of their life cycle over the coming years will cost $ 100 billion or more. There is precious little experience or financial capacity for this with the individual power plant operating companies, leading us to the conclusion that once again, public funds and taxpayer’s money will be allocated to this process instead of driving the necessary change.


A clear message from Australia

We salute this farmer for his clear statement> read the PV magazine article

A clear message from Australia

We salute this farmer for his clear statement> read the PV magazine article

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