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Michael Bloomberg’s ‘war on coal’ goes global with $50m fund

"Communities are tired of having their air and water poisoned when there are cleaner and cheaper alternatives available."

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Dubai's clean energy projects will lead to $19bn in savings, says DEWA CEO

100 percent of Dubai’s desalinated water will be produced by a mix of clean energy that uses both renewable energy and waste heat. - Read the article in

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Power from mini nuclear plants 'would cost more than from large ones'

Ministers are ploughing huge sums of money into supporting overpriced nuclear, while retaining a de facto ban on onshore wind and failing to give solar the support the sector needs. Read the article in the guardian

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The system consists in two separate sites totalling 40.3MW, built in parallel, one of 19,7MW and another of 20.6MW, both located in Manisa, Turkey.