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asunim specializes in the field of photovoltaic (PV) solar energy and includes several companies in different countries and markets. The founder of asunim has been active in solar energy for more than 15 years.

Initiated formally in 2005, today asunim develops the following activities:

• Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC);
• Project development and Consultancy;
• Tailor made photovoltaic self-consumption solutions with grid injection or zero injection; 100% self-consumption and self-consumption with battery storage;
• Wholesale of solar modules, inverters, batteries, charge controllers, solar pumping systems and all other required PV system components worldwide.

asunim designs solutions for on- and off-grid solar power systems of all sizes and provides its clients with a safe bet for their future energy requirements. asunim covers the supply chain with high-quality components cautiously selected using knowledge gained from many years of experience, and supports its customers with professional logistics services, specialized training sessions, and technical support provided by our multilingual team.

Our long-term associated equipment manufacturers, have a current total volume of 850MW supplied or installed via asunim and are the best in their field regarding quality workmanship, superior design, competitive pricing, on-time delivery, after-sales support, and continuous product innovation.

News in a Flash

Asunim completes provisional acceptance on Turkey’s biggest conglomerate of industrial solar rooftop systems

With 7.2MW power in total, it is the biggest rooftop system installation job done in one location by any company in Turkey to date.

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System change, not Climate change

Germany's dirty coalmines become the focus for a new wave of direct action
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Michael Bloomberg’s ‘war on coal’ goes global with $50m fund

"Communities are tired of having their air and water poisoned when there are cleaner and cheaper alternatives available."

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