energy matters ®

asunim designs solutions for on- and off-grid solar power systems of all sizes and provides its clients with a safe bet for their future energy requirements. asunim covers the supply chain with high-quality components cautiously selected using knowledge gained from many years of experience, and supports its customers with professional logistics services, specialized training sessions, and technical support provided by our multilingual team.

Our long-term associated equipment manufacturers, have a current total volume of 1.5GW supplied or installed via asunim and are the best in their field regarding quality workmanship, superior design, competitive pricing, on-time delivery, after-sales support, and continuous product innovation.

Initiated formally in 2005, today asunim develops the following activities:

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)
Project development and Consultancy
Wholesale of solar PV system components worldwide
Tailor made photovoltaic solutions
Solutions for on and off-grid solar power systems


asunim aims for progressive energy independence for all individuals on this planet, and believes that decentralized photovoltaic (PV) power generation near the location of consumption plays an important role in this revolution. The aim is improving living conditions, reducing energy costs and protecting our planet through the intelligent use of solar energy.

asunim’s slogan describes this energy revolution by one simple phrase:

energy matters®


The sun holds the greatest potential to meet the world’s energy demand, and asunim is committed to its contribution of turning this into a reality over the coming decades.

The mission is to provide optimized renewable energy solutions for worldwide customers. This is done without ignoring existing technological constraints, and by giving a well-researched opinion on feasible local possibilities.

For that, asunim supplies, designs and/or builds systems with the most reliable state-of-the-art components, which are fine-tuned to obtain maximum efficiency from the locally available solar irradiation.