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ASUNIM, which has implemented many successful projects in the solar energy sector, has successfully completed two hybrid projects of Sancak Enerji with a total power of 42MW.

Sancak Enerji, which set out with the motto “Energy of the Future” and has a total installed power of 272 MW in the field of wind and solar energy in Turkey chose ASUNIM for a 26MW solar power plant integrated into the Konya Bağlar Wind Power Plant project with an installed power of 103.2MW and 16MW solar power plant integrated into the Yahyalı Wind Power Plant, which has a total installed power of 52.8MW.

ASUNİM Chairman Umut Gürbüz stated: “We are leaders and pioneers in the turnkey installation of hybrid power plants in Turkey, as in other areas of the solar energy industry. After successfully completing these two hybrid projects with a total power of 42MWp, we will reinforce our success in this field with another licensed hybrid project of 40MWp power, the contract of which we recently signed.”

“We are happy to have broken new ground in Turkey’s hybrid projects with this project we completed for Sancak Enerji. As Full EPC, we managed every process of the project in-house. 3D designs, advanced engineering and software services made under the umbrella of ASUNİM, and most importantly, the Hybrid Power Plant Controller technology, which was implemented for the first time in Turkey and has the fastest response time among its counterparts, are among the firsts in this project.”

“As in all our projects, project planning and engineering services, shadow analyses, production simulations and optimizations were carried out by ASUNIM’s engineering department in Europe, using the most up-to-date techniques and ASUNIM-specific software. Maintenance and repair activities of the project will be carried out by MAXIMA Enerji, a subsidiary of ASUNIM.”

About Sancak Energy:

Sancak Energy was established in 2007 to meet Turkey’s energy needs in the coming years and to increase the rate of employment with new investments. Sancak Energy is aiming to increase the use of renewable energy by opening new power plants in many provinces of Turkey.