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ASUNIM, a leading solar EPC company, with a proven track record of other Hybrid Solar Projects, signed a contract with Akfen Renewable Energy affiliate Derbent Enerji for the 40MWp “Hybrid Solar Power Project”.

ASUNIM will build a solar power plant with a power of 40MWp as an auxiliary source to the Üçpınar Wind Power Plant, which has an installed power of 112.2 MWm/99 MWe, owned by Akfen Renewable Energy. Üçpınar Wind Power Plant, which was commissioned in 2019 and located within the borders of Lapseki district of Çanakkale province, will be able to meet the annual energy needs of 127 thousand households and prevent the annual carbon dioxide emission of 178 thousand tons.

Referring to earlier hybrid solar EPC deals completed by ASUNIM in Turkey, Chairman Umut Gürbüz said:

“We are very pleased to be contracted on another project of this scale, belonging to a meticulous and corporate investor as Akfen Renewable Energy. After the hybrid projects with a total power of 42MWp that we are currently finalising for another customer in Kayseri and Konya, it is with great pride that we take on our third hybrid project by an energy giant such as Akfen Renewable Energy; in addition, we have successfully completed Turkey’s first licensed solar project, Solentegre 9MWp, for Akfen Renewable Energy in 2016, and two licensed projects with a total installed power of 24MWp in Konya in 2018. We continue to build on our leadership on licensed projects in Turkey with a total of 8 licensed projects finalised. These projects require high engineering and experience, and we will complete this new project in accordance with European standards by providing the best engineering and maintenance services with the highest quality products available. In these large-scale hybrid systems, where solar power is retroactively integrated with an existing wind power plant, it is crucial to consider active and reactive power details via a correct software integration. Our experience in this field guarantees a very quick response time during variations of one of these two resources, leading to a higher overall power output.”

The power plant will be installed with a total power of 40MWp for 13 different subareas within the project site. Project planning, engineering and installation are predicted to be completed in a record time of 5 months.

The operation and maintenance activities of the project will afterwards be carried out by Maxima Enerji, the independent O&M company of ASUNIM group, leader in the field of maintenance and repair of solar power plants.


About Akfen Renewable Energy

Akfen Renewable Energy, which started electricity generation by launching its first HEPP facility in 2009, continues its activities in Turkey, where the highest energy demand increase has been realized among the OECD countries in the last 10 years. The company continues to rise rapidly in the renewable energy sector and 20% of the company’s shares are owned by two important international organizations EBRD* and IFC*.

Akfen Renewable Energy strongly focuses on cost control through its lean and efficient organizational structure, continuing its activities with its proven experience from development and licensing to construction and operation.

Akfen Renewable Energy Inc. continues to make investments with a wide portfolio of 1,724 MW capacity HEPP, SPP and WPP projects that are currently at various stages of the development process.